Heating a garage studio--heaters close to floor

in Ontario, Canada, at least, the TSSA (Technical Standards
Authority) actually regulates industrial and public sector setups in
regards to pressurized vessels, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation,
Air-Conditioning), and Refrigeration rooms (as in at food processing
plants and artificial ice facilities [i work at a rink full-time] )
–specifically, in the Engineering Act, there are a number of
guidelines and requirements for the safe operation and set-up of
heaters, ventilation…authorities like these can be nice and
specific as to what a good set-up may be–and thus could probably
help figuring out what kind of base you need for water heaters, how
much clearance you’d need, etc

another thing that is in the works in my area here, is the idea of
live/work residences–a dream among artists around here for some
years–could anybody interested in that sort of thing tell some
stories about what works and what doesn’t? if it’s felt it’s needed,
you could also contact me off-list @ @Erhard_Kruger2

Erhard in Kitchener