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Heat treating

It was mentioned last week about heat treating silver wire in a
kiln to harden it. It was stated to heat at 750 degrees for 30
minutes then 300 degrees for ??? minutes. Please answer the
following questions, I have never done this but have a great need
to harden patterned wire I get from Rio Grande it is DEAD soft. 1)
can I coil the entire 20 feet and heat treat it all at once 2) do I
put it in a cold kiln and heat to 750 or place in a preheated
kiln? 3) do I quench and let the kiln cool down to 300 and place
back in, or do i need to do this with a kiln then, say, an oven at
300 degrees? 4) how long on 300 degrees and do I cool naturally
after that? any other thing I should know??? thanks for everyone’s