Heat treat gemstone rough

I’m not trying to get anything started but I have read a lot about
treatments but not “HOW TO” type

I would like to find a source for that so I could do
some exerimenting for my self. I am not looking to do this to pawn
things off on unsuspecting customers. I am in favor of full
disclosure of gem treatment. Be it heat treated or oiled Emeralds or
even synthetics. I am sure we are all aware of attempts to pass
synthetics off as naturals.

This is for my on education and to play with to see how well they
cut and holdup etc.

Thanks in advance.

John (Jack) Sexton

The expression is “to palm off”; but as to your question,
successfully treating stones is a very sophisticated process and
involves expensive machinery. This is generally hard earned knowledge
and more than likely will not be shared.

Kevin Kelly

This is not about treating natural stones, but there’s a definitive
book, “Gems Made by Man”, that goes through all the synthetics - what
they’re about, how they’re made, up to it’s printing date, of course.
It’s by Kurt Nassau,

My copy is 1980, maybe there’s a newer addition.