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Heat hardening Argentium

Hi Lori,

I often don’t heat harden things that I make in AS, and am happy with
the results (but I don’t do many rings). In regards to bezels, I
seldom use AS. Instead I use FS for bezels and fuse or solder the FS
to AS components. The AS isn’t malleable enough for my tastes when I
fabricate a heavy bezel. If I were casting bezels (as you mentioned),
I would consider .970 AS (available in casting grain from G&S)
instead of .930 AS that is available in sheet and wire for
fabrication. The .970 would presumably be more malleable.

Good luck,
Jamie King

Teresa, I have one piece of what I consider to be very good advice
for you: use Sterling.Sterling and English silver are very good
alloys and they look good as long as you do not go for a mirror
finish. Argentium, it look just a bit better than zinc. Mr. Surpin
is all too right: without the millions of the argentium lobby spent
on marketing, no one would talk about this alloy anymore in 20 years
from now. Personally, I can’t wait.

Jacques Pinaud

I know! And the alloy that will disappear will be Sterling silver. I
can’t wait also. Ha ha ha, you guys are too funny.

Whatever happens happens, it’s all a good experience.

It’s all good! :slight_smile:
Vasken T.