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[Health] Lasik Eye Surgery 2

A few months ago I asked for info on Lasik surgery, experience,
stories ect. Everyone was so nice to respond I thought I owed it to
the group to give a post op. update. I had the surgery 7 weeks ago
and have gone thru days that were hazy and some that weren’t. At this
point it seems to have settled in and my vision is probably 20/20 in
the right and 20/30 in the left. I am still concerned about the
bluriness in the left but they tell me it is too soon to judge for
sure. It was a painless experience and if you will recall I was
worried about working right after the surgery, 18 hours afterwards I
was back in the studio pumping it out. I did not loose my upclose
vision, which is a plus for now, I’m
41. Thanks again for all the advise. Chuck Fizer

Good to hear you’re back with functioning eyesight, Chuck. Have you
seen the newsgroup There are many stories there from
eye professionals and recovering surgery patients. Nine months ago I
had a retina detach, the macula as well. Vision is a little wierd with
one eye seeing a slightly smaller size than the other, but my 3D
perception went from terrible immediately afterwards, to almost
restored several months later. Amazing. My brain’s making the
adjustments and compensating.


B r i a n � A d a m

Chuck, I read your experience about your laser surgery and was
compelled to ask if I may.

I have extreme myopic eyesight which is a plus since I can read even
microfilms. However, I prefer to do without thick lenses. I have a
-850 sphere for the right eye and -875 for the left.

May I ask what your eye prescription was before the surgery?


Dan Biery-Esoteric Artist/Craftsmanaker
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but the second mouse always gets the bait’

The brain can do wonderful things. I have been wearing one contact
lens for at least the last five years. My brain adjusted the first day
although night time halos persisted for a while. I was on a lot of
pain medication a year ago and used two contact lens with no problem
until the drugs were out of my system and the two lens gave me
headaches. I went back to one and things are fine. It’s not like I
have the vision that I did when I was young but it’s better than
glasses that slide down unless they’re so tight they hurt.

Marilyn Smith