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Health insurance

Friends-- Does anyone out there have a good insurance plan (health)
for self-employed people? I’m a jeweler, and my husband is a
free-lance writer. We have four kids in school. Our current PPO just
notified us that our coverage will jump from a mere $1000/month mol
to $1670/month! Needless to say, we’re shopping. Thanks for any help!

Should anyone have any insurance to recommend, please post to the
forum, or possibly include me in the reply! I also need insurance!
Thanks … Marrin Fleet

Noel: Sounds like your provider is periodically trying to do some
weeding out. Midlands Choice claims they do not operate that way.
(800)605-8259 Charles

Dear Noel, Just went through this, I found two viable options; become
a self paying patient and earn more money OR try joining a business
group such as NASE (National Association of the Self Employed) and
using their health benefits option. It is good value for the dollar
plus you get many other options to use for your membership dues. I
will save the longwinded explanations for another forum. They are
online at . OUr local rep was well spoken &
knowledgeable about his products.

Best Regards,
Bob … of BobnCyn
Gold Impressions

Dear Noel,

Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America just introduced health
insurance for self-employed jewelers: call Member Services at
800-444-MJSA to learn more about MJSA membership and the health
insurance program. (Be sure to tell them you are a self-employed
jeweler – there is a lower-priced category of membership for
independent jewelers.)

I also just noticed there is group health insurance coverage listed
on the Jewelry Design Professionals Network website. According to the
web site, coverage starts at $650 for a family. Check it out at, a web site dedicated to linking contractors
and those needing contract work, also offers health insurance. I don’t
know how good/bad the plan/costs are, but it, too, might be worth
exploring further.

I am in the process of preparing an article for AJM Magazine on this
very topic for publication sometime next year. So far, I’ve discovered
that the options are quite varied, and differ markedly state to state.
Others have mentioned checking with your local chamber of commerce or
artist’s group. Sadly, there appear to be no simple answers: I’m
finding it challenging just getting a handle on what the options are,
and I’ve been working on this article for months!

Personally, you have my sympathy. I, too, am a freelance writer, and
am simply counting my blessings that my husband is happy as a software
engineer! We have coverage through his company – and even that took
quite a jump this year, with our portion growing by approx. $80 a
month (and we don’t pay for most of it!) Whether you want to blame
corporate greed, government inaction, or the unreasonable demands of
individuals on the health care system (depending on what side of the
political fence you usually reside on ;-), it appears we’re all going
to be paying more in the years to come. Good luck on your search.


Another health insurance option, here in the US, is to join the local
chapter of your Chamber of Commerce. They usually have a good group
rate for Blue Cross, Blue Shield. Check with your C of C or usually
Farm Bureau is the underwriter and you could call them.

David L. Huffman

Hello, Having just gone through this myself, I’ll put in my two cents.
I recently left NASE because my rates with them nearly doubled. In my
search for alternatives I found something called a discount medical
plan. This one company’s site is and it’s an
interesting idea. I did sign up for it because I was unable to find
health insurance that I could afford at the time. I’ll be keeping it
even with my current health plan because for the price I think some of
its benefits are worthwhile. You can also check out American Business
Leaders and Entrepeneurs (ABLE) whom I now have health insurance (HIP)
through. Their number is 516-843-9090. Good Luck.

If you are VERY low income and live in Massachusetts, USA, you may
qualify for assistance from the state. Check out the website for Mass


Society of American Silversmiths has a health plan. ACC (subscribe
to Craft Magazine, and become a member) has a health plan as well as
studio/art insurance. This, BTW (translation for non-English
speakers: by the way), can cover your work while being shipped. Cindy