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[Health] Earrings and customers - rings & toe rings

Since the gathered so far discourages “trying on” I would
like to pose the same question , "Should one allow people to try on
Rings and Toe rings??? These items are generally worn on hands or
feet and these appendages also encounter cuts, dermatitis, open
sores, blisters, etc., which according to some can spread diseases
such as hepatitis (B,C,D.) I realize that one won’t get “poked” (so
to speak) with a ring, but if there is an open sore, wouldn’t the
same risk exist? In fact, wouldn’t the SAME risk exist if someone
with a cut /open sore used the water fountain or door handle before
someone else (also with a cut, or open sore) came along behind them?

I would think that much more infection can be spread during a visit
to any bathroom, public or private, because of moisture – for it is
the moisture which helps keep bacteria and virus alive for a much
longer time. One cannot avoid all contact with bacteria nor virus
and I’m not sure that it is at all healthy to do so – this would
prevent the buildup of natural antibodies and immunity, and would
make one even more prone to infection.

I would still like to see some documentation of disease spread via
earrings or other jewelry, rather than reading about the fears of some.