Headaches in Smaller Working Areas

Regarding the proper ventilation for making glass beads, the
question was “What do the experts think??? Which is the better way
to go, respirators, and air cleaners, or a real and good exhaust
system over or next to the are in which the beads are being made???”

Going on 15 years making glass beads here, and I will state
unequivocally that for any kind of glass flamework, a positive
exhaust system is absolutely essential. The amount of propane
consumed is far higher than jewelers use, and there is a real serious
risk of CO poisoning without adequate POSITIVE ventilation. The
gasses from the fuel combusion must not only be exhausted, but there
must be a positive intake of fresh air as well., as the glass working
burners also deplete atmospheric oxygen. (“Positive” means by
mechanical means, not just an open window.) If your friend is just
wearing a respirator, she is courting disaster.

If you want to research the matter further, try visiting
http://www.isgb.org/cgi-bin/forum and do a search in the archives
using the key word “ventilation”. There is no topic which has been
discussed more thoroughly than this one, and all the “experts” agree.
You need it.

Rene Roberts