Head and Sets

Hello everybody,

I went for a bench test on Monday, and it was a disaster, but I
learned a lot. Until Monday, I only knew one way of setting princess
cut diamonds. Now I know three. Head and sets (soldering a head into
a shank) are my achille’s heel. I can do either quality or speed,
not both. I need to practice these!

Is there anyone in the Dallas area that could take a look at the
head and sets I do and critique them? It would be easy for me to see
improvement, but I think I would learn more and get farther if there
were a second set of eyes looking at my work.

My english lit teacher used to say, “practice makes perfect
practice, but only perfect practice makes perfect.” My piano teacher
used to tell me that I play my mistakes very well. This is why I’d
like it if someone else were able to take a gander at my practice
head and sets (obviously after Christmas) and give me criticisms.

I’m also going to make the practice more authentic by ordering heads
both larger and smaller than the sizes of stones that I have. My
husband laughed at me when I told him this, but it’s true!

Thank you, everybody, for your support. And keep plugging, Daniel!
It has got to get better.

Thank you,