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Hazardous chemical removal

Looking to get rid of chemicals including cyanide based plus
sulfuric and nitric acid. Small amounts. Anybody can recommend a
contractor who does this sort of removal? In Massachusetts.

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You can always call your city or town hall health department to find
local disposal.


Richard, Is there a special problem (spillage, contaminated soil,
etc.) with the chemicals? If they are in secure containers, you
probably don’t need a contractor. Call your local recycling center
and ask how to dispose of hazardous waste. Then you just take it to
the drop-off site (which may be some distance away) and pay a small
fee. If you’re lucky, your town will have a Hazardous Waste
Collection Day when you can take it to a local collection site and
not pay anything.


I just disposed of Nitric Acid 2 days ago. I called my local
Hazardous Materials number for the county I live in to ask how it’s
done and they just had me drop it off to them, no charge. They made
it very easy to do it the right way. So check with your local

It is similar here, the local dump has a drop off point for
hazardous (non-commercial) waste at no charge. Presumidely
commercial waste has a fee. At least they’re (the government)
trying to reduce the amount of household waste that goes down the
drain or into the land fill.

David Woolley
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada