Haystack Mountain Facilities

Hi everyone, I will be going to Haystack Mountain this summer. I am
just wondering if anyone has been there and what the studio is like.
I am bringing hand tools (pliers, files etc) but I was wondering what
"big" equipment the studio has (ie rolling mill, tumbler…). Any
info or insight would be appreciated!!

Thanks, Laurie

PS Is anyone else out there attending Session 5?

Ok tools in the shop, somewhat limited, take your own favorites. It
gets really cold at night even in the summer so be first in line for
an electric blanket or else take your own really warm covers. It is
pretty primitive in some ways. If you like greasy peanuts and beer
you might want to bring some with you…

A great place, a unique experience, beautiful views… Charles

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I have not been there but have heard that the studio(s) are very
well equipped. Pack very warm clothes, and blankets its cold up
there, and the weather in NE has not been warm or dry since last
summer! Enjoy Barbara Smith McLaughlin - Handcrafted Jewelry 166
Portsmouth Ave Stratham, NH 03885 603-772-2633


As a Mass Art student, I was had the pleasure of visiting Haystack
for 5 days for 4 years. Every summer I keep vowing to take a class
there, but, life gets in the way of life. The classrooms are very
well equipped, but I agree with Charles, take your favorite tools.
The water has a high sodium content, and you cannot drink it. They
have plenty of bottled water. The food is great, and the views are
memorable. I envy you! Take you sketchbook, find a rock on to sit
on by the water, and spend some time remembering how to breathe.

Time has new meaning at Haystack. Soak it all in and enjoy

By the way, the bell tower was built by one of my professors at Mass
Art, George Greenemyer. There is a time capsule buried beneath, but
he has never revealed the contents. I don’t know when it is
supposed to be opened.