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[Hawaii][Free Seminar] Casting and precious metals alloys

The Ala Moana Hotel-Illima Room
January 11, 2005
2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Marc "Doc " Robinson will be discussing casting and the
characteristics and properties of various precious metals and alloys.
He will also be speaking about the tarnish resistance of all jewelry
metals and how to keep the tarnishing problem to an absolute minimum.
This discussion will also involve his latest invention, the new
Platinum Sterling silver. (Many samples to see)

The program will focus on white metals in jewelry-white golds,
palladium golds and platinum. It will also encompass a look at all
the “deox” tarnish-resistant sterlings in comparison to each other.
And, of course, the Platinum Sterlings role in the market and in
correlation to the other sterlings. Processing on all of these metals
will also be discussed.

There will be an extensive question and answer period following and
along with the presentation. We encourage you to bring with you any
samples of problems you might have in your shops. It is a perfect
opportunity to get an answer to something that you have wanted to
know for the longest time.

Marc “Doc” Robinson is a widely known figure in the jewelry industry
as an inventor, teacher, author, metallurgist, refiner and a
back-shop guru. He ran the Fine Gold refinery and alloy plant in
Ontario, Ca. for 17 years before joining ABI last year as their
Technical Director. He will be moving in February to Bali,
Indonesia to head up ABI’s technical support for all of the Far East
and to run ABI’s new company in Bali-PT Eksotika Logam Bali.