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Having trouble getting Ferris Wax in Sydney

Howdy all, I don’t like to complain but for the past 8 weeks I have
been trying to get Ferris purple sheet wax with no luck. Everyone
that used to stock it have started mainly stocking Kerr Wax (Which I
absolutely hate). Every time I ask about it at any of the local
supply shops, no one even seems interested in ordering in any more.
Is Ferris wax hard to get in Australia??? Anyone else had trouble
getting products that you want?? I have been using Ferris File-a-Wax
for years now and out of All the different wax brands it is by far my
preference. Also after hearing about Ferris Wolf Wax here on Orchid
I have been waiting with great anticipation to try some out but none
of the supply shop have even heard of it, anyone know when we might
see some here in Australia?? If anyone can shed some light I would
greatly appreciate it, and if anyone has my same problem I would be
happier to know that I am not alone. Thanks All Ray Lees

Ray as soon as I heard about wolf wax I contacted the agent in
Australia, they were courteous they gave me the American
manufactures fax number and I sent off a message asking about visa
card purchase by fax they could not even bother to answer! There are 2
types of people in the jewellery trade the creative people who work
very hard to break even and the users who make it so easy they won’t
move out off there own way to be polite

Russell McColough

I have received a copy of your e-mail to Orchid and I am very sorry
to learn you are having problems finding Ferris Slices in Australia.
You may not be aware of Kindt-Collins Company, but Ferris is one of
our divisions and we manufacture the waxes here in Cleveland, Ohio

House of Jewellery in Sydney (HOJ) has carried our waxes for a number
of years and it surprises me that they are reluctant to special
order. May I suggest you go to our website, where you will find a number of our
dealers located all over the world. I might also suggest you contact
one of them who special orders this product quite frequently and they
are Progress Machine and Tool located in Los Angeles, California.
Please feel free to use me as a reference and kindly contact them at

I wish to thank you for your continued trust in our products. It is
always a pleasure when we hear that customers prefer our products
over our competition! Asking that you please fell free to contact
me if you have any additional questions or comments, I am with best

Very truly yours,
Dave Kindt