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Having fun

Hi all back from a digital detox.

A customer gave me a very large asscher cut blue topaz to set into a
ring of my making.

Design “do what you want” love that brief. When I am given freedom
to do what I like I charge a very good price for the customer, I am in
play land. This will be a massive cocktail ring.

Will the ring be easy to make? NO.

Will the stone be easy to set? Not for me.

Will the ring look great? Oh yes.

Will I have fun? You bet!

I have made the setting and ring blank, it is going for a check for
size, bespoke demands that.

I am making it in Argentium, the world’s finest silver alloy, a real
joy to work.

I am charging a very good price $150 because she will be a repeat
customer and will refer others to me. She is also a colleague, I will
tell her that to tell her friends that the setting/ring would cost

Stone cost on top.

So what will I have done?
Had great fun making a ring. And made a profit.

Got a repeat customer, she has many stones to set.

She will be great free advertising.

But more important than the above I will have tested my skills,
learnt a great deal and have had a very relaxing time on the bench
doing what I want. After 25 years on the bench it is a real joy to
push myself where I have not been before.

all the best

Richard,. Have great fun. Tom

Could we please see a photo of the ring when you are finished?

Leslie Chapma


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Glad you are back. Always enjoy your perspective on the creative
side and the customer side.


Hi all

Yes I promise to get my daughter to take a photo to post. I wish I
could do it myself but hey they always look like rubbish.

all the best

Continue from

Hi all

finished the blue topaz ring here are some pics.

all the best


Sharing files and pictures with Orchid is easy - Simply attach them
to your Orchid post.


Good job, nice looking bezel.