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Haven't used equipment in a while


I have recently gone back to setting up my basement workshop (after a
bit of a layoff) and I had a couple of questions on set up. I haven’t
used my acetylene air tank/torch in a while. Is testing the
fitting/hose for leaks enough…or should I get a new hose set up.
How would I know if it wasn’t ok to use anymore?

I don’t have a lot of space (bet you haven’t heard a jeweler say
that before) and don’t know exactly where to put my trinket kiln…I
have a large wooden (home-made) bench and that’s it. I have
everything on one bench (mill, polishing cabinet, soldering area,
vice etc) Is it ok to put the kiln on sheet metal (with sheet metal
on the wall behind it as well) on the wooden bench, or do I need to
get a metal area exclusively for the kiln (it’s one of those small
beehive type kilns).

Also (sorry), now that I am working, I think I can actually afford
to take a class :slight_smile: My local craft center doesn’t have anything coming
up that looks new. I am very much thinking it would be fun to go to
New Jersey (thanks for the suggestion Mr Walker). Can anyone make any
other recommendations? My jewelry looks like this
and I have a keen interest in granulation.

Kim Starbard
Kim Starbard
Unique Jewelry Designs

or do I need to get a metal area exclusively for the kiln (it's one
of those small beehive type kilns). 

Not sure how trinket-y you mean. But you can most likely buy a
ceramic tile at the home supply center and put it on that. If you
want to go the extra mile, you could instead use Solderite Soldering
Pad, or fire bricks, and/or line your table with steel. Again, I
don’t think all that’s necessary, but it doesn’t hurt.



Check out the Newark Museum in Newark, NJ for their spring class
line up. I have taken courses with them from time to time when i
needed a shot in the arm…

I know they had granulation last summer. I have done quite a bit of
granulation and fabrication and decided to check out wax carving for
jewelers last summer with Susan Barth. The week at Newark Museum was
the highlight of my summer…the staff are very cool, and the
creative enviroment was in spirational. This place is truely a
little jewel…i encourage you to check into it! :-))) em

Emily Keifer Fine Jewels