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Have high gas prices affected your sales?

I just got back from doing an art show around Chicago. I’ve always
done well in the past but this year business was very slow, and not
just for me because I checked with other jewelry artists there too.
People liked my stuff but kept their hands in their pockets. Not many
people carrying packages either.

I also noticed that traffic was lighter than normal coming back
Sunday night.

I talked to some shoppers and they said that they have been payingas
high as $2.50/gal and have cut way back on their driving. They do
their errands and go home and sit.

Are there any jewelers in the Chicago area out their in Orchid Land
and have you noticed any change in sales since gas prices went
crazy??? I’m supposed to go back again in a week and do another show
(different town) and now I’m having second thoughts. Your thoughts
oin the subject would be appreciated.

Carol in Kalamazoo

Carol, I’d like to answer you. I am in San Diego County where gas
prices have traditionally been higher than neighboring Counties, but
on a whole far greater by up to .40 to other states.

Last year we had a runup of over .65 in a very short time, up to in
some areas $2.00. I went online with this problem and was invited to
take my personal comments offline.

Well Congress ignored our plight, and now still ignore us while
screaming about the Midwest.

A direct answer is yes of course. Driving here in this area was
markedly decreased. Shows saw a severe drop in attendance, both
Commercial and Club.

I belong to five different rock and mineral clubs, and was taking
classes at two. Some of these are 45 miles from home, I still do not
attend these meetings and/or classes.

Yesterday when they announced a .12 drop in gas prices, ours
increased .06. Go figure.

I am volunteering in the Gem and Mineral building at the Del Mar
Fair, I read the daily fair bulletin, on a day to day comparison
between this year and last, attendence is down.

Speaking for myself and some friends, our tail feathers have been
severely cropped. Teresa