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Hardness of Nickel Vs. Palladium White Gold

Is there a significant difference between the hardness properties
of the Nickel and the Palladium white gold especially when using
emeralds???  Should I continue to worry about the stones falling
out?  Could this be a problem with the jeweler that I chose to
make the ring? 

Dear Desiree,

Yes, there is a significant difference in hardnes between Ni White
gold alloys and Pd White gold, but it seems to me that your problem
is much more the difference between an experienced jeweler/stone
setter, and a not that good one…

A good jeweler would fabricate the ring correctly, to receive the
stones that the experienced stone setter would make sure would be set
there forever…no matter the alloy used to make the piece.

Christo Kiffer

Dear Luiz Christo;

That is what I was thinking. I have made an appointment with
another jeweler to look at the ring and make an assessment. I am
hoping that things go well but I am not holding my breath.

It just seems that 4 stones falling out within 7 months of wearing a
ring is a little too suspicious for the metal & stones to be
specifically at fault. I take the ring off for doing dishes and
even taking a shower. I am so very delicate with it. I bought the
highest quality emeralds, the whole situation just seems fishy.

Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. I greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Desiree Davis