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Hard soldering silver

Hi all!  I forgot how I found this site, but I thought it was
quite interesting:">http://silv For the past month I have
used nothing but hard solder ( usually Igrab themedium and soft ). I
must say I have had less trouble soldering and good results. I am
now a hard solder convert. If you're out there, thanks Mr. Norris.

Jim: Generally you should reach for the hard solver FIRST. Easy
solders look terrible when the piece tarnishes slightly anhow, but
there ARE times when there’s no other solution but to use easy or you
risk destroying previous solderings. It helps alot fo coat your
previous solder work with White Out to prevent the solder from
reflowing if you’re doing multiple solderings, but if you can do all
your soldering with hard solder so much the better…Dave

Hard solder challenge From: "Jill Alessandra Jewelry"

I followed Mr. Norris’ directions and for two years have never used
anything but hard solder. Each time you solder the previous solder
takes more heat to melt and if you’re half way conscious the current
solder melts before the previous soldering job ! It works…Looks
better and obviously cleans up nicer. Until I learned his technique I
couldn’t get consistent results. Thank you Mr. Norris! Lisa