Harbor Freight update

Hi All,

A new HF catalog just arrived with a few items that may interest
several of you.

93460-1RPB, $7.99. A 13 piece set of pin punches, various sizes and
great stock for making your own chasing punches.

04832-2FNA, $159.99. Their rolling mill with 5 rollers. It’s
actually a pretty good unit. A sale price.

93062-2RPH, $2.99. They call it a flat jaw welding plier, but it
could be great for straight bends in sheet metal up to 3 3/8 wide.

33751-4RPH, $149.99. 5 inch band saw. It’s a little guy that comes
with a 1/8 x.020 diamond blade, might be a great substitute for a
trim saw, especially for curved cuts.

39940-3RPB, $6.49. A 14 piece set of punches and chisels, again
stock to make your own.

For those who don’t already have HF on speed dial the 24 hour order
number is 800 423-2567.

All the best,
Dr. Mac

you forgot lot # 91957 1 1/2 qt. ultrasonic for the fabb low price
of only $149.00 and if you are lucky it might actually work - goo

Oh my! There’s this too,

http://www.harborfreight.com Item number 539

Doming block and punches for 39 and some change. I’m a regular at HF
where I’ve been buying learning tools for years. Never seen anything
like this; I’d like to think my persistent requests have broadened
their inventory. Sure.

and if you are lucky it might actually work 

Is there a problem with Harbor freight products? I’m thinking of
placing an order with them (especially item#40432-0VGA) but I’d like
to get some feedback first. They do have some great bargains but
what of the quality?

Is there a problem with Harbor freight products? I'm thinking of
placing an order with them (especially item#40432-0VGA) 

About the item you are considering, one factor is crucial, and that
is what jobs are you going to do with the flex shaft.

If you have any fantasy of setting faceted gems, you need a
flexshaft that has full torque at all speeds. That means when you
run it at low speed, it has the same power as when at high speed.
This is crucial so the bur is not jumping around.

Better tools make your life much easier, using better tools leads to
better results, and that is can lead to encouragement rather than

Richard Hart


Harbor Freight can be a good resource but you have to be careful.
Most of their items are made in China and some leave a lot to be
desired. I have purchased a number of items over the years and have
been, mostly, satisfied. An 8" shear/break for about $100 and a Mini
Cut-Off Saw for about $30 were bargains. They both work well with no
problems. Shop carefully and you can do well with Harbor Freight. The
usual disclaimer, no affiliation. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Is there a problem with Harbor freight products? I'm thinking of
placing an order with them (especially item#40432-0VGA) but I'd
like to get some feedback first. They do have some great bargains
but what of the quality? 

As many will probably tell you, the quality is uneven. I bought some
crescent wrenches that are useless. On the other hand, as I posted a
week or so ago, I am quite happy with my noisy cheapo drill press,
even after 10 years (though I seldom use it).

It may also be worth mentioning-- I placed an order on June first
with them, and called yesterday to see why it hadn’t arrived. I was
told it had shipped on the second. “What happened to it, then?” I
asked. “Oh, it is expected to be delivered on either the 16th or the
19th!”-- either three or five days after the day I need the main


I really, really love harbor freight. I have never had a problem with
anything I bought from them. In fact, I have a little pile of stuff I
have ripped out of their flyers for future purchase. I bought a powder
coating system, a large steam cleaner (for my home), and a number of
small tools from them, all work great and I paid less than buying
them elsewhere. I should know, an itinerant bargain hunter, I scour
the web for the best deals. Perhaps their items aren’t as excellent
quality-wise as a very expensive premium brand (I actually wouldn’t
know, I can’t afford premium brands), but everything is functional
and works fine. I am considering buying their little economy rolling
mill, and I’d like to know if anyone has it and what they think of
it? I’ve noticed more jewelry tools in their product line, which
makes me ecstatic! Yup, harbor freight is A-okay in my book!

A. Derenthal
Cry Baby Designs

Hi, I have been buying from HF since some years ago and my first
product was a two barrel tumbler, since today it has been doing its
job and the price was very much below the others. I also have buyed
some other products and I am satisfied with them.

Thor Hedderich.

i have had three sets of crucibles on order with them for over three
months, nothing turned up yet, except a slurry of back order
acceptance offers, and other catalogs that advertise other mdse. i
had backordered previously!..good luck getting what you want or
need from them, when ordered. On the other hand, when you order they
have some great “free” perks, like 3 magazine subscriptions (
mainstream mags mainly) for a year, per order over 50
bucks.Additionally, if you need to make big tool or precision tool
purchases…keep looking. HFT has cheaply made chinoise industrial
mass producer’s equipment that won’t last-period.Truly it depends on
what you are ordering…cheap stuff at bargain basement prices is a
good bet- covers to equipment, magnetic storage trays, gentec
torches, mini-rolling mills, are all sound, chaep beginners tools and
worthy of the small amount they cost…put them on seperate invioces
though to maximize your benefits, and cut down on warranty hassles,
return problems, etc…and if you are considering anything over
100.00, first put in the order for twenty five bucks or more, and
join the “inside track” club for an extra 15 bucks, you’ll save a
percentage on that new mini-rolling mill, that pays for the inside
track club with that purchase. If you are a wholesaler, and plan on
listing any of their items, or using them as a sort of dropshipping
source- forget you ever thought that would work;on Jewelry related
items there are very small quantities inititally purchased, and the
back order rate is quite high…

Well, you get about what you pay for. Most of it is Chinese-made. On
the other hand, lots of times, top quality is not needed, and what
they have is “good enough”.


They have fantastic bargains on many things. Things like hand tools,
blades, non electrical things you should be pretty safe. They do
pretty well to mention types and hardness of steels in case you’d
like to make your own tools. On the other hand, many or all of the
electrics are assembled overseas and lack the tight balance you
might require. (Just realized their name implies import.) Unless you
can go into a store and examine the item, I might shop elsewhere for
things that have many moving parts. For example, a decent tile saw
might come with a flimsy miter guage and wobbly fence. I’ve seen all
of their drill presses and they look just fine, bought one
yesterday. Hand tools and practice tools, yes! Lastly, I’ve never had
a problem returning anything, even after a good tweaking with. A
couple weeks ago I bought a 10-pack of diamond cut-off wheels for $3
and a heavy brass and steel center punch for less than $2. Find a
store to visit, it’ll be worth the trip.

An 8" shear/break for about $100 and a Mini Cut-Off Saw for about
$30 were bargains. They both work well with no problems. 

I bought the shear/break and thought it was such a deal. But now the
left side has drooped down a half an inch and it won’t cut anything.
I took the whole thing apart looking for a way to readjust it, but to
no avail. Is there some way I am missing to realign the blades and
get it to cut again?


A student bought that particular ultrasonic (# 91957) and brought it
to me. After comparing it with my very old Gesswein she promptly took
it back. Doesn’t have enough power in what appears to be a single
transducer. The old Gesswein has two transducers. Very strange
control set up on this Chinese one…

I’d wait a while 'till they figure it out a little better. The
medium size version is a better deal, but no heat.

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
Stockton, CA USA

I have to say that without them my shop would be very very empty.
Between antique tools and harbor freight that is what I can afford. I
do not expet a set of 6 ball peens for 10 dollars to last a lifetime,
but long enough for me to make enough items to be able to buy the
better tools.

Be aware of what you are buying and be careful not to injure
yourself and you should be fine.

When you order you get it eventually and sometimes it isn;t all
backordered lol

If you are in a hurry buy elsewhere it is a like any job lotter
first come first serve ship it the cheapest way possible.

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

I have always liked Harbor Freight. I like them even more now that
there is a store nearby. Although I concur with much of what has been
said, I do not feel that they handle high quality merchandise and it
would be wrong to rely on much of their stuff to provide a long
service life. They do stand behind their goods and provide a very
good replacement and refund policy. I just think a shopper should
recognize some of the limitations that are present.

Consider carefully what you buy and what you need to do with the
tools of supplies.

For example, I bought a 4 1/2" angle grinder from Harbor Freight
that did a good job, but did not last very long. I felt that I got my
money’s worth and that it would have been unfair expect a replacement
of this $20 item at the stage it failed.

I learned that an angle grinder would do the job I needed done and
replaced it with a name brand model near the top of the power and
price range and feel that I am justified to demand a few years of
service under the circumstances. Clearly, I now have a better tool
and appreciate its quality. On the other hand, it would be easy to
argue that I could have just kept on getting the low priced
substitutes for quite a while. So what if they wear out, it will take
a long time to spend as much as I needed to pay for a quality tool.

In all, it is my belief that we are far better off with the best
tools we can afford. I consider them related in some way to the
quality of work I produce.

Would anyone suggest that I buy cheap pliers?