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Harbor Freight Throatless Shear

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Richard Hart G.G.
Jewelers Gallery
Denver, Co.

Of al the HF tools I have the throatless shear is among their worst
offerings. It is not at all suitable for thinner gauge metals and
anything requiring precision cuts. It is good for cold rolled steel
or rods of hot or cold rolled material and other non-jewelry metal
fabrication - if you have time for constant adjustments and
resharpening blades. i would not recommend this shear for any
jewelry applications barring the occassional cutting a long sheet of
6- 12 gauge copper ,nickel or brasses. If you have bought it and its
still under 30 days from purchase and had considered it for a studio
return it asap!- for a machine shop, and if you collect things, then
keep it, and keep it oiled and adjusted as even the blades rust
readily. the metal will also tend to pivot without making a jig to
hold materials in place- but all said, it’s not worth the 80
bucks…tin snips are a better investment! rer