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Harbor Freight Lathe

My husband Dave is building a recumbent bicycle (well actually a
Greenspeed Tricycle). He also purchased the HB lathe and loves it. I
couldn’t begin to work for what these guys in China must be paid. And
this was with free shipping!

We got the 30" wide shear with roller and bending brake. Great for
cutting huge sheets of copper and brass for Metalwerx. The space
between the blade and the cutting platform is giving us some minor
problems, but I think it just needs more tweaking.

I feel like such a jock sometimes. “Honey, buy me a shear and
bending brake please”…“our 17th wedding anniversary is coming soon”.
Beats a toaster oven hands down.


Not really on the topic here Karen, but last I heard from some
friends in China; the average yearly income for the working poor there
was $36 US. I would say it was impossible for us to compete with


The average monthly wage for jewelers outside on Hong Kong was $30.00
per month as of June of this year. The communist government is setting
up jewelry factories as we speak. All equipped with the latest
equipment. Quality quite high. Turn around time is the challenge


Todd Hawkinson