Happy Sugar Feast Holidays

Hi All,

I enjoy Halloween for the sheer fantasy. You can be the vampire,
Mighty Mouse or anything in between. Just let your imagination run
wild. I, however, really do not like the aspect of trick or treat.
When have you ever opened your door to a stranger, never mind dressed
in a serial killer costume??? Or maybe being an actual serial killer?
I also do not like all that super sugar ingested by the kids (and
parents) during that day and many after. For several years, after
having been made aware of the plight of a juvenile diabetic, I have
been going to the dollar store and getting party favors to hand out
for trick or treat. No sweet sugary stuff.

The kids really love the “stuff”. One child said this year… oh
yes, you gave out animals last year (read small fish and zoo animals
15 for $1.00). I was stunned. The parents also appreciate if their
child has a problem with sugar that there is something for their
child also. This year it was whistles, all types. Some parents really
hated me for that gift, but the kids were happy and you could hear
them all the way down the street. In future years, I am going to make
sure the favors make noise. Fun for me… not so much for the

This year was sad because of the hurricane damage, but we still had
a lot of trick or treaters traveling in larger groups than in years
past. The “leftovers” of the favors, go to a preschool teacher for
rewards for her students. No calories gained

Beth Katz
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I always offer a non-candy item as well as non-chocolate items the
kids usually pick the non-chocolate items this year was pretzel stix
or a personal journal or hard candies

I get less than ten kids a year though so I can splurge this year I
had 2 :frowning:

both took pretzels heh

An American Cameo Artist

Isn’t the Sugar Feast the feast that marks the end of Ramadan?
Ramadan has just finished. Graeme

Hi Graeme,

Isn't the Sugar Feast the feast that marks the end of Ramadan?
Ramadan has just finished.

Yes, “The Sugar Feast” is the feast that marks the end of Ramadan.
It’s the time when Muslims stop their daily Fasting.

Best Regards