Happy Sugar Feast Holidays!

Hi All,

I would like to congratulate all the people who are celebrating the
Sugar Feast Holidays, and I hope that it will bring peace and
prosperity and the help of the one and only Creator to everyone in
distress all around the world, especially the ones in New Orleans,
and Africa who are experiencing hunger and poverty.

With love from Turkiye,


I would like to congratulate all the people who are celebrating
the Sugar Feast Holidays, 

Haven’t heard of this one, unless you refer to the post-Halloween
orgy of candy consumption that goes on, coupled no doubt with a
drastic rise in the blood sugars of large numbers of diabetics
without the benefit of strong will power.

I, by the way, and the perfect example of such a person. Bought a
whole big bag of trick or treat candy. not a single kid showed up on
that cold rainy night. Now what am I gonna do with this hyperglycemic
inducing junk. My cats don’t eat it, and I can’t stop nibbling on it…
Still trying to fine tune exactly how much insulin to take to balance
those evil little things that I suppose I should just throw out or
pawn off on some other weak people… (grin))

But hey. No doubt it helps the economy by giving the dentists more
to do…



Speaking also as a diabetic who just changed her insulin to
Glargine. Try taking to your school and your students as they enjoy a
treat (it sweetens them up a bit too :)) and it helps you keep your
sugars more normal.

Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx

Dear Peter,

Regarding “The Sugar Feast Holiday”, I may have made a mistake in
wording, but it’s also called “Eid Al Fitr” the Celebration of
Breaking the Fast, which marks the end of Ramadan. It’s a way of
worship for the Muslim community where you fast every day the whole
month of Ramadan, starting from just before sunrise, and ending at a
specified time after sunset.

By the way I am a diabetic myself so unable to Fast at Ramadan, but
for the people who can not Fast due to sickness and such, it’s a
"must" for them to provide the poor with food for each day they

Best regards,

Hey Ho Peter Rowe,

The Halloween candy supply problem is worse the day after due to the
left-overs!! I avoid Halloween candy orgies by giving out coins.
This year I stocked up $8 worth of quarters, and gave out eleven. I
figured I saved some money and every trick-or-treater was delighted! I
used to give out dimes, but inflation has had an impact.

Judy in Kansas

I avoid Halloween candy orgies by giving out coins

Great idea, Judy! I only give out small apples (we have a great
supply, here in upstate New York) and pop-corn. I used to put just
that butter-flavored salt on it, but my kind husband melts butter and
pours a little of that on our air-popped corn. The kids seem pleased
with the combination.

Judy Bjorkman