Happy New Year 5766

L’Shonah Tova" to you all in Jewellery, Cyber-Land.

Which means happy New Year to all of my friends of all leanings. At
this time of year we reflect upon the year past, and to many of us
it’s been an awful year in the Southern States. I can only wish a lot
easier year to follow. We have =91lost’ many of our friend and fellow
Orchidians through sickness and natural causes.

Also in this week between Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur (Day of
Atonement) we try to purify our mind and soul and to try to be an
honest person in business and family living.

To reflect upon the sins we might have made. But at the last moment
of Yom Kippur, all of our transgressions have been weighed by the
Most Powerful and duly noted and forgiven. We are entering a most
introspective schedule of the Jewish calendar cycle. We try and
apologize for any falsehoods we might have entertained.

I will try to teach more Orchid members more on Setting practices,
that is MY aim and always will be my G-D given goal.

Why am I saying this to you all now=85? Two years ago my wife and I
went to a restaurant and after having some Onion Soup I began to
choke on a swallowed Bay Leaf that got stuck in my lower esophagus.
As I was turning white because loss of oxygen I thought to myself
"G-d this ain’t the way to die". I vowed not to let my life end there
on the restaurant floor=85the paramedics came over and ran me to the
hospital emergency ward and put me top sleep to remove this 2 inch
size Bay Leaf=85 on that evening I started to think about everyone els=
who should be learning from my many years of setting methods. That
was my New Year resolution, to turn a new page in my life, and today
marks another page in our lives, are =91we’ to help others? or to keep
all of our secrets to our selves? This incident was the beginning of
my “Setting Manual”.

Orchid is a great teaching tool in helping others. What a better
time than now to reflect and pursue this goal=85.Gerry!

Dear Gerry, May what you wish for others be the same for you and