Hanging motor choices

I am looking at getting a new flex-shaft hanging motor and was
seeking some advice or recommendations. Have a good array of
hand-pieces, so it’s the Motor and pedal I’d like your comments on.

My old no-name motor i bought while at college has done 18yrs with me
(Back when “no-name” didn’t mean “No-way”!). So i thought it only
fair to take it off the daily grind, service it, and keep it as my
backup motor.

Looking around Foredom seems to be the “standard”, but willing to
hear about any other brands you may prefer. Foredom certainly seems
like the best in terms of spares and parts which is important on
such a tool. I didn’t have a reversible option on my old motor, is it
something you ever use? I never missed it!

It’s to be used daily for, drilling, setting, rotary filing, grinding
and sanding, so speed and speed-control are important.

Thanks, Jonathan


I swear by my Lucas foot pedals (one for flexshafts and one for my
Dumore drill press). They are made well and control speed
beautifully. Lucas Dental Equipment Company; phone: 718-789-1971 (in
the USA).

Hope this is helpful,
Linda Kaye-Moses