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Handpiece frozen to flex shaft

I cannot remove my handpiece from my flex shaft even if I run it any suggestions

Hello Seagems100, maybe you should try removing the clip and the ball that it holding down onto the handpiece, also spray a little wd-40 into the connection. Give it a shot, this should do it. Regards, Richard Lucas… 1-(800)-332-5573

Will try thank you

Hi Richard,
Yes, agree with your suggestion; that is what I had to do (remove the clip and ball) when I couldn’t get one of my handpieces off. As I recall, the clip bent in the removal and I had to bend it back to the right shape and tension to reinstall and also be able to remove the handpieces fairly easily afterward. So some caution in prying up the clip is good. If you can rotate it around to where the gap is over the ball, you may be able to slip it off the ball and down onto the cable without changing its shape much. -royjohn

Royjohn said it better than I did. Now, if your looking to replace your speed control foot pedal, than that’s where I can help. My company manufactures the top of the line Rheostat. Its called the #9 Lowboy and you can see it on our website: Good luck with your handpiece removal, Regards, Richard Lucas

Hello again, I left out the fact that my company Lucas Dental has been in business since 1930 and also manufactures a line of Centrifugal Casting Machines for the Dental and Jewelry Industry, which can also be seen on our website: Regards, Richard Lucas 1-(800)-332-5573

Thank You both for your suggestions and it worked … Thank you! Have a great weekend
my best SeaGems

I’m sure many are different attachment systems. Is it the case that you cannot pull the hand piece away from its snap attachment? Is it possible that there is corrosion in the ball lock, or the socket where the drive shaft enters the hand piece? Perhaps you could unscrew the shaft attachment to the motor drive, and spray some Tri-Flow down into the shaft cover, then hold the open end of the shaft cover above the level of the hand piece to work the liquid into it. This may not work, but likely won’t hurt anything. Most locksmiths swear by this, and have “overhauled” locksets with nothing but TriFlow. Good luck with it.