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Handling large flasks

I just cast silver in three 5 inch flasks. It is extremely difficult
to use tongs to handle hot flasks this size…

To solve the handling problem I remove a small portion of investment
next to the edge on both ends of the flask before putting them in
the oven.

After burn out use tongs to work the flask to the front of the oven.
I then use a large pair of vise grip pliers to clamp on the exposed
flask edge to lift it from the burn out oven.

I then switch the pliers to the sprue end of the flask and place it
on the vacuum table. Disconnect the pliers and pour the metal.

Clamp the pliers on the flask to move it to the cooling place.
Remove the pliers and reconnect prior to quenching.

The vise grips work very well for handling large heavy flasks.

Good luck.
Lee Epperson

Seems a bit of a handle welded to the side of the flask would make
this process easier, a piece of 1/8" steel plate perhaps?

The flask temperature is somewhere between 800 and 900 degrees. A
handle would be way to hot to handle even with insulated gloves.

Lee Epperson

Hi Lee

I am operating from the “Gilligan” theory, he never knew what he was
talking about but always had great ideas according to the professor.

Anyway, what I meant was a “handle” to grasp with the vice grips or
other pliers which might be more ergonomic than grabbing the edge of

Cheers, Mark

I have several sets of tongs, my favorite for removing the flasks
from the oven and plunging in a bucket are 20" pliers. Channel lock
or water pump style as they are offset. Easy on the hand/arm and
don’t worry about one slipping thru. Flea market/yard sale for $30
should cover it.