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Hand Protection


The barrier cream works wonders for during the work day. At night I
use special gloves (this as I sleep or for awhile prior to sleep)
and gel, from blisslabs. Expensive, but very soothing and
rehydrating for my hands. Contains glycerin and vitamin E and says
to use 2 times a week. I have also used Bag Balm (antiseptic cow
udder grease) to good effect. My 2 cents, usual disclaimers.

Eileen Schneegas
Washington (state)
Snow Goose Designs


Consumer research found that CUREL products do best what they
promise, to protect and moisturize skin. I love it. A dermatologist
recently suggested to a friend that Cetaphil is excellent and can be
bought in large economy size at Costco. The old stand-by, Nivea, is
wonderful but too greasy for average use. Is for extreme need when
you slather it on, pull over cotton gloves, and spend the night in
them. Next morning, bad rough hands will be all smooth and nice
again. Now, what can we do with the rest of our winter-dried
parts? Try the same.




Try leather cots -

I like the Gesswein leather cots the best. Great for those
abusedfinger tips that bandages don’t work and you still retain
feel. It’s like having another layer of skin over your fingertips. I
keep a dozen on hand for those days when my fingers hurt too much.


Thanks for letting us know these exist!! (as I try to type on my
phone with 3 fingers and a bandaged thumb!!!)