Hand made riveting jig

Does anyone have the instructions for the riveting jig that was
featuredin the lapidary journal march 2010? I don’t have that year.


I can copy, the either mail or fax you the article.


I think the publisher is selling back issues of the journal. Try

Judy Bjorkman

Hi John, would you mind e-mailing me a copy also. @Thomas_H_Louthen_III

Me too please: binswood at gmail dot com
Regards, Gary Wooding

Me also.

Please include me in your distribution of the riveting jig
Thanks. Rob

Me too please, joe10 at hotmail.com, thank you.

Hi John, would you mind sending me a copy too. Wonderful idea!
Michael Grace

I’d like one too. Suella @suella_guthrie

Are you ‘me-too-please’ people asking for a copy aware that there is
a copyright for magazine articles?

I am taking the bet that any of you would cry loud if anyone
"steals" one of your precious designs. But ignoring other people’s
copyright is fine?

If you would, I as well. I greatly appreciate it!
Thank you very much!
Chris at neurascenic.com

Would love the riveting jig info too. maybe it needs to be added to
the site somehow for future reference if you are willing?

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Hi John, which issue of Jewely Artist was that?

Thanks, Vince LaRochelle

John, include me for the info, Thanks! @Richard_Hart3

Please include me in your distribution of the riveting jig
as well. Thanks. Donna in VA

I too would appreciate a copy of this and want to thank you for


I would also like to see this. @Kaleb_Kielisch Thanks

I think many, many people would like to get a copy. Maybe putting it
on orchid would help all of us share this exciting info.


Hi John, can you send me a copy too? My adrees is “locastro” at gmail
dot com Thanks in advance, regards, Lourival