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Hand-gravers angles


Hello to all the Orchidians out there.

My name is Dave, and I’m just beginning to work with metals. My
"Day Job" is as a science student at a Midwestern science and
engineering university, but smithing is fast becoming my primary
hobby. I’ve started working with steel making knives at a nearby
forge, and I have also become very interesting in silversmithing.
With the help of an very generous uncle who is currently a bench
jeweler and store owner, I have collected quite a few tools, and with
this in mind, I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions
for me.

what would be a good general-idea angle to form
hand-gravers to? I have enough to last me the rest of my life, picked
up at an estate sale, and while some of them cut superbly, some of
them require way too much force. The material is sheet and plate
sterling. It feels like learning to drive a manual transmission or a
motorcycle again, the balance of gas to clutch as the balance of the
angle the graver is held at to how hard I push.

I have to say that the Orchid list has been a big help and a great
source of on a whole lot of different subjects. Thanks
to all who reply to me.

Dave, in little Rolla Missouri, where it was just turning warm
enough to ride a bike, when the rain came.


55 degrees.

If there were a general angle for most graver use, that would be it.
Sometimes they are steeper, as in raising beads when setting
diamonds in hard metals and lower for delicate lettering and
patterns on silver. But in general, when I measure my gravers, they
hover around 55 degrees.

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