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Hand Finishing Question

I think the best money I ever spent was on a magnetic finisher I
bought in Tucson 2 years ago. It has saved me so much time and
energy. It polishes where it is virtually physically impossible for
me to do with any kind of wheel, brush or gizmo of any kind. Of
course you still have to saw, file and do all the other stuff. But,
When you have your piece the way you want it, sometimes you don’t
even have to polish anymore at all. If you do, the inside is
finished and the outside (I’m talking ring here) just needs very
little buffing at all. It’s awesome. After you solder and pickle
you just throw it in for a few minutes and the metal surface is
perfect for your next solder job. It just works while you do
something else. I really can’t recommend one enough. The magnetic
finisher and my Benchmate were definitely the two most time saving
tools I ever purchased. Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile: By the way I bought
both of these from A&B Jewels and Tools in Michigan. They are a mom
and pop store and bend over backwards to help you and are more than
fair. There # is 1-800-62-TOOLS, ask for Jeff. ~Poppy~