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Hand drawing vs. CAD

Richard, I guess the first question I would ask is what are the things
you can’t do on a computer. You made the statement but failed to
identify those things. What are your experiences with both types of
media ( traditional and digital )? The statement that CAD is slower
than hand drawing is certainly a relative statement, and depends on
what you are trying to accomplish. Are you using 2D vs.3D, drawing vs.
building ? “CAD” is one of the most overused terms in industry, second
only to “fine jewelry”. Using digital media is not just a matter of
getting an image on the screen but to put the in a format
that can aid the product development process and effectively
communicate ideas. The bottleneck that occurs in making anything is
being indecisive. The computer certainly helps me and the people I
work with reduce that bottleneck. These are individuals from very
traditional backgrounds, sculptors, jewelers, graphic designers who
recognize how incredible the computer is as a visualization tool. As
far as CAD being used for repetitive tasks, digital media has
surpassed that perceived niche and is used for all types of creative
content. From my experience paper and pencil cannot compete with
digital media, as a gateway to the creative process, and the pragmatic
side of getting things done.

Dominic Ventura