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Hand-cut Foil Flakes

Hand-cut Foil Flakes for Frayed Nerves and Best Wishes

Hi there fellow Orchidians

Here’s to thinking of all of you who keep and laughs
(the jokes were all gems) going on this wonderful forum!

a neat seasonal thing to do, that i’ve been doing the past few years

ever make paper snowflakes? (paper folded into triangles and
snip-snip away with those scissors) I can make mine as small as 1cm
in diameter, with details such as hearts, trees, stars etc…

try making some foil snowflakes for those windows and workplaces
devoid of decorations for fear of flammability! want an example?
you can either email me…or i’ll try to post a sample in the gallery

cheers! Erhard Kruger in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada @Erhard_Kruger2 (an older site of mine, but shows some of what
i do)