Hand Cream

I can’t remember who it was that wrote in about a hand cream called
Nothing Like It but I want to say thank you to him/her?? I bought
some over the Internet from a company called Horse’s Dacor and I
really think it is great stuff. It is not greasy and seems to help
heal all those cracks and painful areas on your hands that keep you
from working in the dead of winter. And, it smells nice too!!

Grace in Cleveland

Hi Grace, I want to thank you for posting the on the hand
cream. I spend 70% of my day outside with horses, and the rest of
the time in my workshop. My hands have always been 100 yr. old hands.
I’ve been making a product for about 10 years, that I sell to
horseowners for their horses, and for the owners, that really works
well. I try to keep extra on hand in the winter, but as quickly as
I make it, it’s gone. This is an ongoing problem for people who are
outside with animals, especially in the water/ice/snow/wind time of
year. I’ve found that wearing disposable gloves with the cream inside
and then wearing mittens-not gloves, has been the ticket for me.
That way my hands are warm enough to take off the mittens when I need
to open snaps, doors, put on horses clothing, or any of the other
1000 things you do every day. and my hands still stay warm and dry.
Thanks so much! Cheers! Dinah.(Health is on the Way)

Dear Dinah: Is this the “Horse’s Dacor” cream? If so, can you let
me know how to order some to try please…

Audie Beller of Audie’s Images.

The handcream I recommended is called " Nothing Like It." It is a
skin-protectorant cream.

You can get it from the mfr - Cut Heal Animal Care Products in
Cedar Hill TX 75104. Their # is 1-800-288-4325 m-f 9-5 pm central
time. (I have no affiliation with them – I just use the product.)

It is non-greasy and actually heals the cuts and chapping on your
hands. Does not wash off readily so you are continually protected.

As I said, I’ve been using it for a number of years and swear by it
– even give it as welcome Xmas gifts!

The company does have qty discounts.