Hammering benches for classroom

We are looking for ideas for a table, bench for hammering, for
vises, etc.

It would be great if several students could work at the table at one

Thank you, Michelle

Heavy Butcher block tables with recessed areas for stage blocks to
put steaks in

Because silversmithing is a hobby and furniture building is my
profession Ineed to ask you some questions.

How much room do you have?

Will it go against a wall or in the middle of a room?

Does it need to be moveable?

How tall are your students and what type of tools will they be
using? (I am trying to figure out how tall the table needs to be, A
middle school student hammering on an anvil will need a much shorter
table than an adult hammering on a bench block.)

How much space is needed for each student?

What tools will they need, and do you want storage space below or
above it?

And the biggie what is your budget?

do you have any desire (skill or tools) to do the work yourself?

lets not worry about the last set, just answer the first set and let
us see if we can come up with a design that will work.

Whoops. Swage blocks

Whoops. Swage blocks 

I thought steaks were appropriate for a butcher block table :slight_smile:

Al Balmer