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Hammer with a magnifing lens

Dear Bruce,

And the hammer with a magnifying lens in the middle of the
handle.—Hmmmm, how is that used?

I have the Starrett layout hammer and it is used in the following
fashion .

Take a dental pick, ground to a very fine point for a prick punch, in
the left hand . Take the layout hammer in your right hand. Check the
placement of the point with the magnifying glass in the handle of
the hammer. Then gently tap the punch ( with the flat end of the
hammer head ) once to mark your layout . The advantage is that You do
not need to look for your hammer or magnifying glass to do " Nice
work " .

Starrett still makes " Nice Tools for Nice Work " . One item which I
will whole heartedly recommend is the # No . C 635 Hard Satin Chrome
plated 150 mm Scale ( ruler to some people ) . This is a graduated 1
mm. and 1/2 mm. machine divided rigid scale.

It is laid out from left to right on one side and right to left on
the other side . The divisions are engraved deeply into the scale
and are easily read by eye, or felt when setting a good set of
dividers . You may loose it , or have it borrowed, You will not wear
it out as it is effectively rust and scratch proof. Hard Chrome is
used to plate machine cutting tools and wear resistant dies.

Price for this marvel, $ 13.09 A great buy and the best to be found
for any price !!!

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer

This whole thread is one more exploration of the fact that the
simpler the tool is, the more wondrous the subtlety required to use
it right. And, to me at least, the greater the satisfaction in
using it well. We as jewelers almost always err when we stray from
the simplest of tools. Am thinking about turning off the power in the
studio for a week a month to see what I learn. Tom