Hammer handpieces

I response to the hammer handpiece ,I had a foredom hammer which I
found mostly useful for texturing . I was not satisfied with the
control for stone setting use. I recently sold mine as I no longer
needed it .I would be happier with a chasing hammer and chasing tools
than a foredom hammer.

The ultimate solution is the Gravermax such control and perfection,I
would think time would be well spent researching their products ,I
have never really been satisfied with foredom products for too many
reasons to list .I could say there is room for improvement. Maybe a
whole new quality control and design.

Many of my days are spent doing fine gemstone and diamond setting,I
really need the best tools and I am willing to pay for them.I
currently have three foredoms hanging on my bench.

Michael Devlin;
Devlin Jewelry Design
my website: http://home.earthlink.net/~devlinjewelry/