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Hammer handpieces

You should not exceed 5000 rpm going into a hammer handpiece. The
mechanisms that translate spin into impact are delicate, and burn
out at high speeds.

On an almost unrelated matter, does anyone know how an air driven
ultrasonic dental handpiece works? I assume it is virtually the same
as a hammer handpiece but working at around 20,000 b.p.m. I had
wondered whether the same system could be used with abrasive for
drilling/carving stones.

Best Wishes,

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

I have an air driven rotary handpiece I occasionally use. Must have
a compressor tho. Also I use the Gesswein air powered graver/hammer.
It was the best investment I ever made!Great control for setting
stones, particularly bezel and have bezels as well as channel
setting. The dental hand piece is limited to very small work and is
unlike any mechanical handpiece, but would be indispensable for
engraving on stone. any more info, you can contact me offline.

Thomas Blair CBJ*
Island Gold Works