Hammer handpiece comparison

Hammer handpiece for NSK evolution micro motor vs Badeco hammer


I’m debating on whether I should purchase the NSK hammer handpiece
for the micro motor or the Badeco hammer handpiece for my flex
shaft. The NSK is moreexpensive but if it works better or is
easier/more comfortable then I thinkit will be worth it.

Does anyone own the NSK hammer handpiece or have any reviews or
experience with the tool?

I have used a Badeco hammer handpiece and it was really nice, just a
bit awkward to use. Hoping that the NSK would solve that problem.

Thanks in advance!

Alex - I’ve had a couple of different hammer handpieces that worked
on the flexshaft. I found them awkward. I am using the Badeco
micromotor with a native hammer handpiece. I love the variety of
adjustments. My experience would tend to recommend the nsk native
hammer handpiece. Hammering is ever so precise - the micromotors help
a lot.

Judy Hoch

Hi Alex,

I agree with Judy about precision hammering, except I do it a
different Gravermach doesn’t have quite the power of a dedicated
hammer handpiece, but it does have a lot of control over the power it
does have. And the lower power means I’m less likely to slip and do
something I can’t recover from. So it takes me another 10 strikes.
Who cares?