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Halogen lighting?

Hi All,

Can anyone give me some good sources for clamp on halogen lights
for my booth. I keep ending up with “systems” when I call ads I
see…I don’t want a system I just want 6-8 individual clamp on
adjustable lights.

Feel free to write me directly as to not tie up the
list…unless others chime in and want the info too…

Thanks for your help,


dear karen,

I do shows also lots of them, I had the same problem plus the 6
or 8 lights as you say was too musch to carry in my motor home
plus I dont like lugging them all over, so this is what I did:

I went to Sears(I dont know of any one else that carries these)
and bought two double rack of holagan lamps, that means two 500
watt lights on one stand and two on the other for a total of 2000
watts. WOW what lightingIt was actually too much so i
changed the bulbs to four 300 whatts the 500 are too hot.

next the yellow and black poles they come with wont last long and
they werent high enough for our table top display so i went to a
welder and made two stands that bolt two the table with two giant
c clamps the poles are steel and are app4 ft just make them the
size you want, I used a steel or aluminum t bar and keep the same
wing nuts and bolts. so basically the unit breaks down into 3
parts pole, c-clamp, t bar and lightseasy
storage and lighting you wouldn’t believeone on each
end of your booth for 10 x 20 and you might just use one for 10 x

word of cautionkeep the heat guards on at all
times----these lights get hotbut they are almost
indestructible abd wall mart and hardware stores have them for
about $5.00

p.s. I’m a wire worker and I do shows all over----what’s y0ur
medium and what are a couple shows you do—I might work some of
the same and I will show them to you

Preston J. Reuther
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Karen, I need to add lights to my booth too. So many shows are
going with evening hours. I haven’t worked it out just yet but I
did buy some decent halogen lights for a case I am building for a
gallery show. I got them at the local hardware store, a real
one, not the big box store. I would be interested to see what
you learn.



I haven’t used clip-on fixtures for my booth (I use a
track-light halogen setup, effective and cheap from Home Depot),
but you don’t need special designs. You can buy any clip-on
fixtures with standard incandescent-type sockets and install GE
50-watt halogen bulbs (with matching standard screw-in tips). I
use these bulbs in my studio instead of incandescents; they’re
more expensive but last far, far longer and give you much truer
color. Good luck!


Can anyone give me some good sources for clamp on halogen lights
for my booth. I keep ending up with "systems" when I call ads I
see....I don't want a system I just want  6-8 individual clamp on
adjustable lights.


In my mail today came a postcard from USA Light & Electric
advertising their clamp on halogen fixtures. They are adjustable
in length and aim, create a 28" circle of light when fully
extended. They say they have 5 different units with lamp and
shipping included. Prices: 1-$78, 3-($210) $70 ea, 5- ($325)
$65 ea. 800-854-8794. Located in Patton, CA. I haven’t priced
these type lights, so don’t know if that’s pricey or not. >From
the postcard picture they appear to be the small lamps like in
track lighting.


Deb & Karen- A friend of mine is a professional display designer.
He decorates booths for major companies around the world. He
turned me on to some great lighting. They sell it at Home Depot.
It is Hampton Bay Expandable Halogen Track Lighting. Each one is
a strip which holds three halogen bulbs. It is avery attractive
white strip and the cost is not prohibitive. I forget what I
paid for them. You can add lights if you want, but as is it
really illuminates a 10x10 area. I use two strips. You can aim
the individual lights so that you can highlight an area .

The lights that Preston reccomended get VERY hot and scare me a
little. They are bright yellow and very industrial looking and I
guess whether you use them depends on how you want your space to
look. (I actually own three of them which I use for
photographing my work, but that’s another subject) I want my
booth to give people the feeling that they are walking into a
fine gallery ( I’m not sure if I’ve reached that yet, but as Bill
Bernbach said “Reach for the stars, you might not get them, but
at least you won’t get a hand full of dirt.”

Hope this is helpful.