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Hallmark KARBRA?

My grandmother gave me a pair of earings and inside of the earing
theirs a little carving and it says “KARBRA” i was wondering if
anyone knows what that means…if so please contact me @
@stephanie_rosas thanks!

Hello Stephanie,

Karbra Casting’s is one of the older companies who have a HUGE book
of casting’s available to the trade I think I did work for thm back
on 47th st (60 west I think ) about 20 or more years ago . I don’t
know if they are still in N.Y. or not. Hope thar hlps

Gassho Karl

Dear Stephanie,

The inscription refers to a well known NYC casting house:

131 West 35th Street, 8th Fl.
New York, NY 10001-2111
Tel: 212-736-9300 or 800-KARBRA-1
Fax: 212-736-9309

Michael Knight

CASTALDO® Products Mfg. Corp.
& F.E. Knight Inc.
120 Constitution Blvd.
Franklin, MA 02038 U.S.A.