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Half round 14K white gold

Hi everyone! I have been asked to make a friend’s wedding bands. I
usually work with sterling, and she is wanting them in half-round 14k
white gold. One band is to be 5mm wide and the other is to be 7mm

I’m having a hard time finding a source. Hoover and Strong have the
7mm. Another place has the 5mm and said the cost for 3 inches is
$89.00. Is that resonable? I don’t know since I don’t work with white

I would really appreciate any other sources from those of you who
work with this metal. Thank you in advance. I always recieve useful
on this list.

Sarah Philbeck

Sara,m Try Stuller, 800-877-7777, they have both the 7mm & 5mm in a
variety of thicknesses.

Joel Schwalb

Hello Sarah, We could cast and finish the white gold bands for you. It
would require making a mold of each ring and if you had a weight in
sterling, I could calculate costs for you. Please contact me off list
at if you are interested.

Daniel Grandi

Hello Sarah P., If the bands are just 1/2 round plain bands, would you
consider buying them premade to save yourself some work? Even If you
just need the band as a base to start with - I’m fairly sure you can
purchase them through Stuller, 800-877-7777.


Hi Sara I usually when I need to make a half round band of certain
width, I use a piece of flat stock exactly or a bit wider of the
finished band and then I file the edges to a half round shape,first I
use a file to round the edges and then I sand it round with coarse
sand paper to make the surface even and then I gradually use a finer
sand paper for final finish. In order to get the piece of flat stock,
you might need a rolling mill but this way you can make your wedding
band the same specified thickness and width as the one your client is
asking for.and you can have some control of the weight according with
the thickness of the flat stock . Hope this helps


I am pretty certain Hoover carries 5 mm half round in 14k white gold
as well as the wider stuff. I would go back and talk to them again.
As for the pricing of the other source, how can we tell if it is
reasonably priced without knowing how much the metal weighs (i.e. how
deep is the piece?)?

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140