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Haggling (not so deep pockets)

As a matter of principle, I will not get into a bidding contest
with a seller of any product. I investigate thoroughly the going
rate for an item and am well aware of what is a fair price for
both seller and buyer. If a seller is willing to bargain for a
lower price then I assume I would have been scammed had I paid
the first asking price. When I want to make a purchase I ask
for the price, if it does not meet my approval I move on. I
don’t make rude or testy comments but will try elsewhere.

I know there are many buyers (and sellers) that love the
haggling game and expect it at every purchase. I don’t know if
many share my views but I feel sales are lost by making prices
with a fudge factor. Incidentally, I consider discounts, in most
cases, to also be phony. Anytime I see a “x% off if you mention
” I exit post haste!

Let me add again that I know enough about the jewelry craft to
appreciate the factors in pricing. Equipment costs, artistic
design, time involved in crafting and all overheads are
significant parts of the price setting. The craftsperson is
entitled to a reasonable return. Just don’t toy with me by
bargaing strategies!

Bob B