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Hagglers at your jewelery booth

If you choose to not give a discount, don't give a discount,
please do not make it such a sad story of feelings and self worth
and having to make more and those mean hagglers that don't
understand you. 

Richard, again you make much sense. But the above is not how I view
the subject, and I think I need to elaborate. I’m not particularly
offended by someone asking for a discount, but of course that
depends on how it’s done. My feelings are not hurt, and I’m always
gracious and often humorous in my reply. Sometimes I do it, mostly I
don’t. I didn’t mean to make a big deal about maintaining my self
respect by turning down a discount request, but can’t deny that
there’s at least a little of that going on. Maybe having the luxury
of knowing where my next meal is coming from gives me a bit of
freedom to indulge in a little pridefulness on occasion. But I’m also
optimistic that I might sell the piece for full price at the next
show! I’ve enjoyed your thinking on the subject!

Allan Mason