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Haas Officemill feedback

Hello all,

I have been looking into buying a Haas OM-2A Officemill, a machine
that was allegedly designed in part to serve the jewelry industry.
My dealer claims many are in use for that purpose down in the LA
area, but I’ve not heard anyone speak of them here. Any owners out
there? I’d love to talk to you. Thanks,

Jeffrey McWhinney
McWhinney Designs

Not familiar with the OM-2A specifically, but Haas is a highly
reputable company with a very good service record. The machines are
built near LA so I wouldn’t be surprised if you find them in the
downtown jewelry mart.

I had a lengthy discussion about the Haas CNC in general at the
machine shop in the Physics Dept. at UCSB (fifth or sixth rated for
research) were they use them extensively in research work and am
told that the grad students are allowed to use them because of there
ease of use. They seem to think they couldn’t get by without the
Haas; machine and company.

For what it’s worth?

Daniel Culver

Jeffrey, I’d suggest that you, and anybody who’s interested in CNC,
go to and go to the forums. There are
thousands of posts there on a huge variety of machining topics.
Probably the biggest forum of any kind I’ve ever come across. There’s
a whole topic for Haas mills…

Hi Jeffrey,

Feel free to contact me on or off list - we have a Haas OM-2A as well
as an Office Lathe.

Chris Ploof Studio
508.886.6200 EST