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H-D Clear 'Lacquer'

This being my first submission to the List, kindly bear with my
verbosity. The product I’ve used to clear coat polished metal
surfaces is called “Nyalic” which comes in a aerosol as well as
non-aerosol form for spray gun use. Chemical composition is unknown
other than it contains 1,1,1 trichloroethane & hydrocarbon blend". It
dries to the touch in a few minutes, and fully cures in 30 DAYS. A
VERY durable nylon-based product, as it’s used by automobile buffs to
spray polished aluminum wheels and we all know what cat urine does to
auto wheels, the shinier the better! I’ve used it to clear coat the
polished brass portions of old surveying instruments, as well as some
items in sterling I fabricated. I bought mine from a Co. called
"Eastwood", 1-800-345-1178(? unknown if still current, try info. @
1-800-555-1212) Questions? Email me directly & Thank You, Jim.

    we all know what cat urine does to auto wheels... 

Has nobody experimented with cat urine on UN-laquered silver? I
mean, maybe it produces some kind of great patina… :wink:

I just called Eastwood. The phone number below is still current.
However, the product described appears to have changed. The new
product is called “Eastwood Diamond Bare Metal Clear Coat” it comes
in a 12oz can and seels for $6.99 + s&h. Shipping was $3.95 for a
total of $10.94. I decided that it may be worth it to try it. They
say that it will cover 6 sq-ft, that is a whole bunch of silver.

Hey if it works good, this may be a solution for customers who are
alergic/chemically overreactive to silver.

Another trick I have been using recently is to take liquid Auto
polish like “Nu Finish 2000” and apply it to some of my pieces.
Seems to keep the tarnish off; but I have not put it to the whole
barrage of tests yet. If you are worried about the “white powder
formation”, some of the polishes come as a clear liquid, check your
local K-Mart, Pep-Boys, Wal-Mart, etc… I have used a clear Amway
product called “FlashCoat” which sells for about $12/$14, and works
really well on the car too.