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There have been a few letters saying that they were having
trouble getting to GZ page. I pulled the
( ) out of the SNAG newsletter yesterday
and went right to it with no problem. Marked it and tried to go
back today but was unsuccessful… I guess, just keep trying.
there may be some problem with the homepage or the WWW or my AOL

  • I don’t know. Here is the copied address on of my bookmark
    that made it to the sight yesterday so that there is no question
    of my making a typing mistake

I have been know to make lots of them.:>) Good luck - it was a
great place to visit and JOHN - there isn’t any faceting
in the GZ - it is jewelry design and techniques…
Their books look interesting , but I just bought Charles’ new one
on hinges and stuff and am waiting to get that one. All my
pennies spent for the month on books. Maybe Christmas… Good
luck all, I hope you can get there…