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Gypsy setting in lost wax

Hello, I am currently carving a ring for someone. it will have an
opal set into it after it is cast. My client wants the stone set
flush with the surface on top, so I thought a gypsy setting would be
appropriate. I am just wondering if anyone has any good tips for
doing this well. i have already stuffed it up once! any advice would
be much appreciated.

skadi Nova


Observe the following BEFORE proceeding:

  1. Make sure the metal you’ll be laying over the stone is thinned
    out. Do this either by hand after the casting is done, or in the wax
    & save yourself on material. For something as soft as opal, something
    in the 22-23gauge thickness.

  2. Use the new “clear” duck tape & lay it over the stone (after much
    grinding & proper seating of the stone of course) for protection
    against the accidental slips.

  3. Cut a piece of brass rod approx. 31/2’’ in length. 14 gauge will
    do nicely. Taper your tip by filing (or using your flexshaft) to
    about 45 degrees all around. Polish the tip of your rod. I
    know…brass deforms easily, & you spend some time repeating the
    process. But what would you rather do? Replace opals? Or set the
    stone once & be done with it? This is your new, custom made hammer
    handpiece. You can see this in action on Blaine Lewis’ "New approach"
    videos. Check out:

  4. Turn OFF the phone. Put on some Pachabel or Vivaldi. Start

Good luck!

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