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Gypsy-setting a princess stone

A fellow Orchidian asked me of this question direct from my “Gerry’s
Blog”. As this might be very important to others and he, I’m writing
this answer to all & to him.

What tools and burs must we use, the answer is very easy. I use only
the smallest bur that has the same thickness as the girdle thickness
of the stone. Let me say at this juncture it ‘could’ be #006 round
bur and also a #007 bud shaped bur.

As for tools I’d use only a Copper, or Brass pusher to mold the
metal down and over the girdle of that delicate stone. So here goes
the instructional aid, picture this in your mind.


I was going to attempt to keep writing a full text explanation, but
thinking of it, it seemed fruitless.

I will now be taking photogrpahs of the “Gypsy Setting of Princess
Stones” to compliment the text version. This might take some time,
but it will get done, trust me!


Thanks Gerry! I recently accomplished a 2mm princess cut diamond
gipsy setting with quite good results using those micro burrs you
recommend me. Looking forward for those pictures tough.