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Gut Feeling!

My client asked me just today to ‘bead-set’ 14 diamonds in a 18kt.
tapered shank. The top of the shank at underneath the Princess center
stone was only 1.75 mm’s in width. then further down tapering to

My ‘gut-feeling’ took over! I totally refused to even start the
setting project. The client then said “I knew it was not going to
work, but I wanted to hear it from you”. Even if I used 1.3 mm’s
diamonds, I would still have great anxiety in completing that task.

A setter must take the initiative & refuse the job, why? could
be a job from Hades!!!
Why all of this fuss? I needed more room for
raising beads, let alone doing some exquisite Bright-Cutting & then
he wanted a decorative “Milgrain” edge. All of this in a little
over.25 mm’s on each side of the diamond. “A setter can perform
miracles every-day, but the impossible tasks take a while
longer”!..*Gerry *